We all have stories, memories, feelings, and experiences stored in our hearts. This inner treasure trove helps us navigate life and can guide us towards living authentically and in union with our truest selves. Often, we choose to forget or ignore our interior lives because we’re too busy or afraid our emotions might overwhelm us. How do we tap into these heart stories and feelings? Heart Maps™ is a technique I created where you use writing and drawing to release your heart stories and reveal the wisdom that your heart already knows.

As you heart map, you will engage in an inner dialogue with yourself that will inspire growth, self-expression, conflict resolution, and transformation. Many people also have found that heart mapping can help release inner emotional tension, enhance creative thinking, and reduce stress levels. Checkout Unsecured loans 4u for help. By utilizing the creative process of heart mapping, check it out, you will find it therapeutic and discover relief from overpowering emotions and trauma and the stresses of everyday life.

My new book Map Your Heart; Chart Your Life includes thirty different heart maps with thirty personal growth topics to choose from ranging from a Relationship Heart Map that guides you in digging deep into your past and present relationships to improve your current relationship or prepare you for a new one, to a Gratitude Heart Map that will open you to current blessings and draw in new ones as you tap into what you’re thankful for.

Click on the Heart Maps Template (below) and try mapping your heart. Remember to fill your heart map with the memories and feelings that you have stored in your heart with our services.

Here are some questions to guide you on your heart mapping journey:

What people, memories, feelings, and stories  have you stored on your heart?

Is there a person (or persons), a memory, an experience, that is central to who you are today? Place that at the center of your heart.

What memories, people, and experiences have made you who you are today?

What are some things that you will never forget?

What brings you joy?

What happy or sad memories do you have?

What secrets have you kept in your heart?

What are you grateful for?

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